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Three days after their first meeting, Reese has set up a comfortable corner for the two of them, a cul de sac of sorts in the library, comfortable chairs with soft cushions. A pitcher of iced tea and two glasses awaits on the table, along with a plate of English biscuits. He's also asked the plot hole for a new grey silk shirt: gotta look his best for the young lady whom he's befriended.

And for now, she is a friend; he doubts it will be more than that, but he's happy to keep it that way. Kid needs a good friend to keep her company and to keep an eye out for anyone who might bother her.

She'll find him lounging in one of the arm chairs, an open book laid out on his lap.

So, looking for a Fyoosh for some alone time, not of *that* kind, get yer mind outta the gutter! :: Laughing::
Reese has been keeping his skills honed, doing target practice on a fence in the back garden, and shadow-sparring when he gets the chance. And he might be found in one of the more secluded rooms, punching and kicking at an imaginary assailant, his movements swift and precise, his lean form silhouetted against the large windows.

Title nicked from -- yep -- "Beat It" by Michael Jackson (I grew up during the Eighties...). Looking for for a fae lad in need of some hand to hand combat training.
It could be later that day, or it could be days later. But at some point, when Phoenix enters the kitchen, he might find a tall, slim guy, the jacket of his suit draped over the back of his chair, sliding a cleaning brush down the barrel of a handgun, while the rest of the parts -- the slide, the firing mechanism, and several other parts -- lie arranged on a sheet of brown paper that covers the table top. We're not sure how much Phoenix could see of him during that weird incident, but he's got roughly the same silhouette as the mysterious stranger who rescued him.

And the same soft-spoken but slightly husky voice, as he looks up. "Hey there: don't mind me; needed some place to clean my weapons," he says.

Title ganked from some of Tom Waits's between-songs chatter on a live recording of a concert: it seemed to apply to Grell.
Reese has crossed paths with one or two medieval (or at least pre-industrial) types, and the thought has crossed his mind, sooner or later, he's likely to get into a scuffle with one. Human nature, plus he has a knack for getting into fights -- and ending them. It just doesn't seem fair to be more heavily armed than his opponent: a gun at a swordfight sounds like a good finishing move, but a bad way to give his opponent a sporting chance.

And so he's found a wooden practice sword, and he might be in the rear dooryard, where the snow is trampled down, making a few practice passes with it, jabbing with the point mostly: he's smart about using the pointy end, but awkward about slashing with it.

He just might need some practice and a few pointers from an expert...

So, looking primarily for a very naughty nobleman, but if anyone else wants a snarky assassin, feel free to nudge ye typist.

[Canon] Character overview vid thingum

Found on pofinterest_fic and was too good not to repost here.


Character info meme

Do they smoke? Nope, not at all
Drink (alcohol)? Drinks socially, and has also been known to drown his woes in alcohol, but now that he has a purpose, he's sobered up.
Drugs? Nope, but given his time in the CIA, he knows a creepy amount of info on using chemicals to deal with troublemakers and how to deal with unwelcome doses...
What genre of movie or books do they prefer? Action movies (especially samurai movies) and adventure novels, but also likes non-fiction books on history and the military
What is their sexuality? Straight, likely not given to entirely serious relationships, given his line of work.
Do they like animals? Likes dogs, but given his previous line of work, he's never been able to put down roots to be able to keep one.